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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I become a member?
Step 1. Go to the Free Membership Join, fill up the form. Make sure that your Login, Password and e-mail address is correct. After filling the form click on the "Join Now" button. Now your account is added to database
Step 2. We will send you a confirmation e-mail which is necessary for your account confirmation. This e-mail includes a link which you can follow, or you may enter your ID and Confirmation Code out of this e-mail on Confirmation page.
Step 3. After your account confirmation, we will send you approval e-mail. This e-mail includes your personal Login and Password. Note: you will need e-mail details for access at
Step 4. Now your account will be activated within 24 hours. Our administrators will personally look through your details to make sure you have set everything right. Later your account will be marked to "Active" or "Reject".
Step 5. Congratulations if your account has been approved and activated! Now you can log in. Go to Member Log In and enter your personal Login and Password.

Q. I have lost my password!
Please go to the link Password Retrieval. Enter your e-mail and press "Retrieve My Password" button. Your Login and Password will be sent to your e-mail address. Please note that your e-mail address must match the address you entered in your account settings, due to security reasons.

Q. How much do I need enter my Login and Password for access on
Only one time, after this you receive member access and you can use full our services. use sessions support. Member Log In.

Q. I am unable to log in, but I use the right Login and Password. Why?
Please setup Internet Security settings of your browser on middle level. Menu: Tools >>> Internet Options >>> Security, select medium level and click at "OK" button. Please try use link Member Log In. If you still can't log in please check cookies setting at your browser. They must be in Enabled mode. Information About Cookies on If you use other security or ad blockers programs please put at their white list.

Q. Why is my Login or Password incorrect?
Our system use sessions and your browser may not support it. We recommend to use on the next browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, MyIE2, Opera, Mozilla Firefox or Netscape. Also please try to clear or erase cash in your browser, maybe this is the reason for errors.

Q. My browser satisfy your requirements, but Login or Password is incorrect. Why?
Maybe your account was reviewed and rejected or baned, due to the following reasons:
a) Your account suspect in the Spam or Scam;
b) Your profile information is supplied in a wrong language;
c) Your profile contains illegal information. Make sure that you: use proper English, do not put your contact information in wrong text fields;
d) You have uploaded unacceptable photos to your profile;
e) We doubt that you are a real person.

Q. How can I edit or update my personal details?
You need visit Edit Details. Make your changes and click on the "Update Now" button. After your account is set into "Approval" mode and will be reviewed by administration team for activation.

Q. How can I change the e-mail address on my account?
If you wish to change your e-mail address in your account, you must use Member Log In, after this you can submit your request using the Support Ticket on the site. Create your inquiry, please include into your request next rows: old e-mail address, new e-mail address, your login and password. Inquiry without authorization we not accept to consideration for security reasons.

Q. How can I upload my photos?
You have to visit Upload Photos. Add your photo and click on the "Upload New Photo" button. Also you can Remove All Photos in your profile. After your account is set into "Approval" mode it will be reviewed by administration team for activation.

Q. How many photos can I upload in my profile?
You can upload the three photos in your profile.

Q. I have uploaded new photos, but my photos have not changed.
Please re-open page - Upload Photos and press F5 or click button - "Reload" in your browser.

Q. I have uploaded my photos with watermark, you allow this?
No. You can upload photos only without watermark or any another advertise on your photos. Photos with email or domain and etc, will be rejected.

Q. If somebody ask me to leave my phone, e-mail or postal address here, can I do it or not?
We allow, but not recommend to our users write in their messages following: phone, e-mail or postal address.

Q. Can I provide web links to anything in my messages?
Attention, we prohibit to our users write in their messages about any advertising and provide web links into messages. For violation of this rule - removal or suspension of user access to our service indefinitely.

Q. Can I remove or suspend my account?
If you wish to remove or suspend your account, you need use Member Log In, after this you can submit your request using the Support Ticket on the site. Include your inquiry on removing or suspending account in your message. Inquiry without authorization we not accept to consideration for security reasons.

Q. Have a question that is not answered here?
To contact us, please click Support Ticket.


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